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CBD tea Bio Vitamin - Healthy CBD tea with organic ingredients

CBD tea Bio Vitamin - Healthy CBD tea with organic ingredients

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Bio Vitamin CBD Hennepthee

CBD hemp tea with organic ingredients

Vitamin-rich ingredients

Including hemp, apple, figs and hibiscus

Healthy and tasty!


CBD Hemp Tea Bio Vitamin - Healthy CBD tea with organic ingredients

CBD Hemp Tea Bio Vitamin is a tea that is packed with healthy ingredients and also has a surprisingly delicious taste. Pure nature and in harmony with the environment. All ingredients come from ecological agriculture where no harmful substances are added during cultivation.

In addition to vitamin-rich fruits and beneficial plants and herbs, Bio Vitamin tea also contains the flowers and leaves of hemp plants. More and more studies show that hemp is a true superfood and is very useful for our body.

Tea with certified hemp

The exclusive tea blend is composed of three different hemp varieties. Finola and USO 31 hemp are grown in Germany and the hemp variety Futura 75 comes from the Alpujarra area in southern Spain.

The hemp has been officially recognized and placed on the legal variety list due to its low THC content. The Futura 75 plants are grown at high altitudes and grow into mature plants rich in CBD and other valuable cannabinoids under the most ideal environmental conditions.

In addition to these useful phytocannabinoids (plant cannabinoids), plants that grow at high altitudes also contain higher levels of terpenes, making the smell and taste many times more intense.

Most optimal storage method

To keep the effectiveness and quality as high as possible, it is best to store the CBD-rich hemp tea blend in a dark, cool and moisture-free space.

Content Bio Vitamin Tea

  • Net weight is 30 grams or 60 grams. Make your choice in the options!

Composition CBD Bio Vitamin tea

This tea blend contains the three hemp varieties Finola, Futura 75 and USO 31. 

Other ingredients:

  • Call
  • Figs (Figs, rising flour)
  • Physalis (Lampionplant)
  • Lemongrass
  • Natural aroma
  • Hibicus
  • Citrus peel
  • Marigold blossom
  • Rosehip

All ingredients used, including the aroma and rising flour, present in the CBD-rich hemp tea come from ecological agriculture. During cultivation, no products are used that could harm people, animals or the environment.



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