CBD oil 8% + Vitamin D3 10ml or 20ml
CBD oil 8% + Vitamin D3 10ml or 20ml
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CBD oil 8% + Vitamin D3 10ml or 20ml

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8% CBD Oil + Vitamin D3

CBD oil 8% with vitamin D3 of the Online Gigant.nl is based on our proven effective and 100% vegetable hemp extract. By diluting this extract 1: 1 with hemp seed oil, a bottle of 10 ml contains no less than 825mg cannabidiol (CBD) of the highest quality. Enriched with 1000mcg vitamin D3, which is known for supporting a healthy immune system; And to stimulate healthy, flexible muscles. Moreover, there are studies that suggest that both CBD and vitamin D3 would play an important role in the treatment and the prevention of COVID-19.

Despite the fact that the anti -inflammatory properties have long been known and proven by various studies. Was it unclear for a long time whether and how CBD oil could help treat the new coronavirus; Or could contribute to reducing COVID-19 symptoms. Now recent research has proven how CBD oil with vitamin D3; could protect patients infected with COVID-19

CBD against Coronavirus?

The new coronavirus is not always life -threatening, since mild symptoms resemble those of a flu. In some cases, however, symptoms are getting worse; And the disease ultimately develops into acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). When this happens, the immune system exaggerates and there is an abundance of inflammatory fabrics called "cytokines". This results in a so -called "cytokine storm", which can cause breathing problems and serious pulmonary damage.

In the beginning of the pandemic, scientists already discovered that the cannabinoid THC could help prevent these cytokin storms. A study even proved a survival ratio of 100% in mice with ARDS, after treatment with this cannabinoid. Although recently, another study has shown that CBD can also help reduce cytosine production in the lungs; from mice with a Covid-19-like virus.

These research results prove the great potential of cannabinoid supplements in the fight against the Coronavirus. But until October 2020, it was still unclear for scientists how cannabinoids reduce the release of cytokines in Ards. Fortunately, we now know what the key is to the success of CBD oil - in reducing cytokin storms and treating Ards: Apelin.

Apelin - The key to the success of CBD Oil

Apelin is a peptide that is released in response to extreme changes in inflammatory values ​​or blood pressure; and is produced in the lungs, heart, brain, fat tissue and blood. For example, the Apelin concentration can rise in the cells around pneumonia; In an attempt to prevent cytokine storms and to provide normal lung function. In this way it prevents the development of Ards; And it stimulates a faster recovery from acute respiratory distress syndrome.

During the most recent research into this subject, scientists infected mice with a Covid-equal virus. The Apelin level was then measured in the lungs of these critters. And where you would expect it to shoot through the roof in response to the infection, the opposite turned out to be true. The APELIN concentration literally plummeted to almost zero!

CBD oil against COVID-19

Concluding, you could say that the SARS-COV-2 virus prevents the production of Apelin in the lungs or stops completely. This also explains why the virus is so dangerous in the case of serious symptoms. However, it also means that the recovery of Apelin production could possibly help with the treatment of severe coronavirus symptoms; Including Ards.

When testing this hypothesis, researchers discovered that the CBD treatment for infected mice actually recovered Apelin concentrations. As a result, ARDS reduced symptoms and the immune response was normalized thanks to the cannabinoid. In addition, the oxygen uptake restored and lung damage was reduced. With the control group, on the other hand - which was not treated with cannabinoids - there was no improvement noticeable.

This study suggests that CBD's power to inhibit cytokine release - and reduce inflammation in the lungs - descends from the influence that the cannabinoid has on Apelin production in the body. Which, we discovered earlier, in one way or another by COVID-19 is slowed down; But luckily after treatment with cannabinoids can recover. This proves the possible effectiveness of CBD oil as treatment or to prevent severe coronavirus infections.

CBD oil with vitamin D3 for the win!

Although CBD oil is not the only substance that is being investigated with regard to COVID inhibiting properties. Since an increasing number of scientists recommend the use of vitamin D to help prevent and treat the coronavirus. According to research, Vitamin D3 Corona symptoms can help treat .

In addition, there are various studies that support theory that vitamin D3 would play an important role in the treatment of the virus. Some studies even report that the use of Vitamin D3 Corona would help prevent . If you consider that most adults are walking around with a Vitamin D deficiency , it would Can be very useful to support your immune system with some extra vitamin D3. That said, if you think in what the potential is of CBD oil with vitamin D3 to prevent and treat the coronavirus!

In addition to a high concentration of CBD, this oil also contains cannabinoids such as CBG CBN and CBC. In addition, there is a variety of aromatic terpenes and terpenoids in the 8% CBD oil. This gives the oil a pleasant taste and this supports the entourage effect of the product. After all, that is also how nature intended this plant. By respecting the natural ingredients of the plant, keeping our products fresh and continuously analyzing; Is CBD Oil + Vit. D3 Of Natural Healing Holland one of the most effective CBD oil products on the market.


Hemp Extract of the first pressing (50%) | Hemp seed oil (50%) Full spectrum with 825mg CBD | 1000mcg vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)

how to use CBD oil with vitamin D3

  • Shake well before use
  • Take 2-3 times a day, 2-3 drops under the tongue and swallow after a minute
  • If necessary, increase the dose after 10-14 days
  • Save at room temperature

benefits of vitamin D3 in cbd oil

In addition to the possible effects of CBD oil, the addition of vitamin D3 possibly offers different health benefits to the use of this product. These are some examples of the health benefits that vitamin D3 can offer:

  • Vitamin D may support a healthy immune system;
  • can play a role in the maintenance of healthy bones;
  • Vitamin D3 contributes to a normal absorption and processing of calcium and phosphorus in the body;
  • plays a role in cell division;
  • Vitamin D3 can support healthy teeth;
  • may support healthy and well-functioning muscles;
  • Vitamin D3 can play an important role in the growth and development of bones in children;
  • and finally, vitamin D3 can contribute to a healthy immune system in children.

cbd oil + vit. D3 is a dietary supplement that can be used as a supplement to the diet. Nutritional supplements are not medicines but are intended to support health. Consult your doctor if you use medication or if the complaints persist.

CBD oil and CBD cannabis and CBD products are a legal product and can therefore simply be sold and used. This is because there is no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in it. THC is the fabric from hemp that ensures that you become high. Because there is less than 0.05% THC in our CBD oil and CBD cannabis and CBD products, it meets laws and regulations and it is 100% legal in the Netherlands and the EU

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