CBDOIL+AQUA 4% in water -soluble CBD oil 10ml or 20ml
CBDOIL+AQUA 4% in water -soluble CBD oil 10ml or 20ml
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CBDOIL+AQUA 4% in water -soluble CBD oil 10ml or 20ml

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4% CBDoil+Aqua is a water-soluble form of CBD

is therefore up to 10 times more effective than regular CBD oil. It consists of the proven effective hemp extract mixed with a revolutionary combination of natural ingredients. This unique recipe with exclusively organic, vegetable components improves absorption and also increases the effect of active substances in the body.

Water -soluble CBD of the Online Gigant.nl is the drinkable alternative

on regular CBD and contains some of the most medicinal substances from nature. Inspired by the Oerhennep, CBDActive+ includes cannabinoids such as CBD, CBC, CBN and CBG. In addition, CBDoil+ Aqua+ is enriched with tasteful terpenes such as: curcumin, Myrcene, Caryophyllen, Pineeen, Limonene, LINALOLE and Vitamin E. This carefully chosen ingredients and their unique ratio makes CBDActive+ undoubtedly one of the most complete CBD products on the market; And contributes to the entourage effect of the product. Try it yourself!

10 ml or 20 ml CBDoilaqua+ with 4% water-soluble CBD including handy pipette has a comparable effect due With a traditional CBD oil with 40% CBD.

Water-soluble CBDoilaqua+ use

Shake well before use
Put 2 drops per 8 hours under the tongue or on your hand Palm and lick it < BR Data-MCE fragment = "1"> Drop in a glass of water, tea, juice or other drinks and stir well through
Never dirty bottles | Dosing accurately Pleasant taste Strong & amp; Effective Still Healthier | Up to 3 x cheaper

CBDoil+Aqua is a dietary supplement that can be used as a supplement to food. Nutritional supplements are not medicines but are intended to support health. Consult your doctor if you use medication.

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