Futurola Joint Roller Kingsize (blue) Length Joints: 110 mm (King Size)
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Futurola Joint Roller Kingsize (blue) Length Joints: 110 mm (King Size)

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  • Color blue
  • Number: 1 piece
  • Dimensions: 145 x 50 x 50 mm
  • Weight: 69 grams
  • Length Joints: 110 mm (King Size)

Futurola joint roller for running sturdy joints

A joint roller is a handy device for people who find it difficult to turn a joint by hand. In addition, it is of course also very useful when you want to quickly turn a joint on a festival, at a festival, at a festival, on the beach or at another place.
< BR Data-MCE fragment = "1"> With a Jointroller you turn your Kingsize joint. The Futurola Joint Roller is of high quality and user -friendly!

This sustainable extra large joint roller is a product from the company 'Futurola'. The King Size Futurola Joint Roller can be used with all types of long flower, such as that of that can also be ordered from us in the shop

CBD Flower Kingsize Slim + Filters Bio (2 colors .. Gray and black)
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In the beginning it can roll a bit rough, but as you use the joint roller more often, this will go and more flexible.

How do I use the Futurola Joint Roller?

  1. Make the product fine
  2. Place the tip on the shallow side of the mat
  3. Divide product evenly over the turner
  4. Close the Futurola Joint Roller and roll with both thumbs at the same time the small mat down
  5. Place a fluid straight into the slot, with the sticky edge directed towards you and directed upwards
  6. Roll the fluid in the machine up to the sticky edge
  7. Moisten the sticky edge
  8. Roll further so that the joint makes a whole blow
  9. Open the joint roller
  10. Futurola Joint Roller Buy at Deonlinegigant.nl

    Are you looking for a user-friendly, sustainable joint roller? You can buy the Futurola Joint Roller easily and quickly at Deonlinegigant.nl.

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