CBD 5% + CBG 5% diluted with olive oil
CBD 5% + CBG 5% diluted with olive oil
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CBD 5% + CBG 5% diluted with olive oil

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Our 5% CBD + 5% CBG oil gives you all the benefits of wide spectrum CBD plus the extra benefits of CBG.

by combining CBD and CBG in one product, the "Entourage effect" is created. This means that every active component is combined to strengthen the natural properties of the oil and increase the benefits of the CBD.

As with all our CBD oils, it is guaranteed THC-free and we only use an organic carrier oil ..

What is CBG?

Although most people are familiar with CBD, many still discover the benefits of CBG. Cannabigerol (CBG) is one of the 120 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Often referred to as the "mother" cannabinoid because most other cannabinoids start such as a CBG and in the later stages of growth are converted into, for example, CBD. Because of this conversion process it is more difficult to harvest and extract CBG, because if you harvest too late, the plant has already started converting into other connections.

The addition of CBG responds directly to both the CB1 and CB2 receptors to create a more direct effect and a more powerful formula.

How much should I take?

This differs from person to person, taking into account the weight, the length and the reasons to take the oil. At first we recommend taking 2-5 drops per use and a maximum of 35 drops per day.

A drop contains approx. 2 mg CBD and 2 mg CBG where the maximum daily dose of CBD is prescribed by the FSA 70 mg. By following these guidelines, you can manage the daily dose based on what works best for you, including combining with other CBD products.

How do I use it?

Just use the pipette to place the desired number of drops under your tongue and let the oil stand for a minute before swallowing it. Remember: a drop is not the entire pipette, but a single drop of liquid.
Or place the drop on your palm and lick it


  • Olive oil
  • CBG (5%)
  • CBD oil (5%)

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