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CBD 25% for horses -Applied with hemp seed 10 ml or 30 ml

CBD 25% for horses -Applied with hemp seed 10 ml or 30 ml

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25% CBD oil for horses

CBD was already frequently used by people. Nowadays CBD is also given to cats and dogs. But now an animal has been added. Also for horses there is now the possibility of CBD, a substance that contributes to the well -being of the animal.

CBD oil is a great way to give your loyal friend something extra when he/she is scared, nervous or nervous.

The following CBD oils are made for people, but due to the high CBD percentage you can also give it to your horse.

A short introduction to CBD

First an explanation about CBD. CBD is the now fairly known abbreviation for the name Cannabidiol. This is part of the hemp plant. THC is also such a part.

However, the difference between CBD and THC is that the user of CBD cannot be high. So you don't have to worry about giving the horse too much CBD. Indeed, that means that you do not run the risk that your horse will be high from CBD oil for horses. While the benefits of cannabis are used.

CBD and the endocannabinoid system

What exactly is the effect of CBD? That is about as follows. The endocannabinoid system is a system in the body of both people and animals that controls many important processes, such as the appetite and the immune system.

The endocannabinoid system naturally works automatically and naturally, but it can be helped. This is done by using CBD.

Completely natural

Because CBD is a natural ingredient - after all, it comes from a plant - it remains a natural process. So you don't have to worry about any unwanted effects. The endocannabinoid system is used to what the CBD substance brings, it is only brought into balance. So it is a way to strengthen what was already there. Not to artificially generate something new.

Dosage CBD oil in horses

For a correct dosage you should make the following calculation: Weight horse x 0.25 = number of mg (milligram) cbd that you must give every 24 hours.

Example: Your horse weighs 400 kilos. 400 x 0.25 = 100 mg CBD per 24 hours. How do you know how much MG CBD contains one drop? Easy. For each product in our webshop we have mentioned how much MG CBD contains one drop.

Note: Start the first day with a low dosage, for example with 10 mg. The second day 20 mg, the third day 30 mg, etc. So build up the dosage and look at the behavior of your horse every day.

 CBD-Oil Horses overview number of mg cbd per horse breed

Mini horse (up to 1.10 m) 90 - 200 kg / 50 mg CBD
Shetlander (1.00 - 1.10 m) 200 - 250 kg / 50 mg CBD
Welshpony 200 - 350 kg / 50 mg CBD
Icelander 300 - 450 kg / 100 mg CBD
Arabian 400 - 500 kg / 100 mg CBD
Fjord 400 - 500 kg / 100 mg CBD
Tinker 500 - 800 kg / 125 mg CBD
Thoroughbred 450 - 600 kg / 125 mg CBD
Warm blood 500 - 700 kg / 125 mg CBD
Fries 500 - 700 kg / 125 mg CBD
Belgian draft horse 700 - 1000 kg / 150 mg CBD


Because a horse weighs so much - much more than a person, cat or dog - more CBD is also needed to cause the desired effect to the animal. Of course the correct amount also differs per breed. With a pony it is wise to give around 50 mg CBD and with a large horse around 100-125 mg CBD is a better choice.

Hemp seed oil

There is a second difference between CBD oil for horses and oil for cats or dogs. Horses are herbivores, or herbivores. While fish oil is used for cats and dogs - as oil to mix the CBD - hemp seed oil is suitable for horses. A vegetable oil for a herbivore therefore: just right.

Try it yourself

Of course it must be said immediately that CBD oil is not a guarantee for success. But there are plenty of indications to try at least CBD oil. Then you can then determine whether CBD oil also has an effect on your horse. An additional advantage of CBD oil is that the horse probably likes the oil. That makes it easy to give the oil.

A natural treatment

The effect of CBD oil on horses can be summarized as follows. CBD oil brings back the natural balance in both body and mind of the user. That applies to people, but also to horses. That is the actual power of CBD oil. For this reason, the effect of CBD oil is sometimes called holistic. Because the various ailments in horses often come precisely due to unnatural external influences, CBD oil is ideally suited to bring back the balance.


With horses it is unwise to give CBD during the DRACHT. The rest of the judgment about whether or not to give CBD to your horse is up to you. If you still have doubts about the use of CBD, then it is always a good idea to ask the vet for advice.



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