The Gorilla glue 26% CBD / 0.2% THC (Gorilla Glue)
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The Gorilla glue 26% CBD / 0.2% THC (Gorilla Glue)

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gorilla glue CBD+CBDA & LT; 27.5% /0.2% THC

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Gorilla Glue is one of the species that is most admired by CBD-weed enthusiasts. It is a high -quality type of hemp, mainly Indica, which owes its name to the large amount of resin it produces. The CBD concentration is very high: in many apical peaks (the big peaks) it is even higher than 27.5%. The origin is the result of the cross between three holy monsters such as Chem's Sister, Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel. A monstrous gorilla mix!

The overview

gorilla glue cbd flowers have an unusually light green, a very special color that is very popular with users. The peaks are medium -sized with some special voluminous peaks. The coloring is very clear and is characterized by bright orange stampers who make it even inviting. The indoor hydroponic cultivation of this plant makes a large production of resin possible: this is why the flowers feel particularly compact.

The aroma

These CBD flowers have a strong, intense and yet fresh aroma, which is most similar to the typical THC-rich species . The taste is soft and enveloping; In the aftertaste you feel hints of wood and pines together with an intense taste of citrus and ripe fruit. A feeling that it is definitely worth trying!

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