CBG 5% diluted with olive oil
CBG 5% diluted with olive oil
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CBG 5% diluted with olive oil

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5% CBG oil diluted with olive oil

This cannabigerol (CBG) oil with a 5%content, is the medium-strong oil from the new CBG oil line of Deonlinegigant.nl. The medium level makes this oil a kind of "everyone friend". Low enough for children, adults and somewhat larger animals, but high enough to also be an interesting option for experienced users.

Cannabigerol is a cannabinoid from hemp, which, just like CBD, has promising properties. Both attach them to special receptors spread over the immune system and the central nervous system. Some researchers are even convinced that CBG and CBD can moderate each other's effects, giving the oil an even more powerful effect. This so -called entourage effect is plausible, but still has to be proven clinically. That does not alter the fact that you can add CBD to this oil yourself, or even opt for the ready-made CBG/CBD oil from Deonlinegigant.nl, where these two useful components are already combined, ready for use.

CBG is not psychoactive, which makes this oil completely safe for use. Each production batch has also been tested by Deonlinegigant.nl in an Exteren Laboratory for pollution, content and purity.

guidelines when determining your own dose

It is wise to build the daily dose for a few weeks at cannabinoids, until you notice an effect. If an effect is not done, you can always try a stronger oil or a pasta, since everyone responds differently. The guideline below can offer guidance when building a dose.

Week 1: three times 1-3 drops per day (22.50 mg CBG)
Week 2: Three times 6 drops per day (45 mg CBG)
Week 3: Three times 10 drops per day (75 mg CBG)

Maximum daily dose: 30 drops per day

Information on the label

  • 5% CBG (500gm)
  • Content: 10 ml
  • 200 drops, 2.50 mg CBG per drop
  • Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 5% CBG (Cannabigerol) from CBG Pasta
  • Recommended daily dose: 3 times 1-10 drops (75 mg CBG) under the tongue
  • the recommended daily dose does not exceed
  • Shake well before use

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