CBN 10% -10ML (10% cannabinol diluted with olive oil
CBN 10% -10ML (10% cannabinol diluted with olive oil
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CBN 10% -10ML (10% cannabinol diluted with olive oil

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10% CBN Oil diluted with olive oil

CBN or its complete name Cannabinol is one of the many usable substances from the cannabis plant. In addition to the well -known THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol), who know many people, there is a whole range of other cannabinoids, all of whom have different characteristics. To indicate a specific effect of the CBN it is still too early in scientific research, but as any support for the body it can be very valuable.

CBN is a non -psychoactive substance that arises when THC goes Oxidation, or is exposed to sunlight and oxygen for a longer period of time. This is much to see in outdoor weed that has a high THC content, or in weed that is quite old. Often this is seen as negative, because instead of a intoxication you have more deep relaxation and therefore become less high.

When the oxidation process is fully completed, there is only cannabinol left. This brings a deep rest into the body without making it high.

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