CBC oil 5% 10ml
CBC oil 5% 10ml
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CBC oil 5% 10ml

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5% CBC oil 10ml

W iet oil with CBC we call CBC oil . On this page we tell more about this New form of weed oil.

Effect of CBC oil

In contrast to THC, CBC is not a psychoactive substance. This means that you Absolute not High can be made of CBC oil.

In other words: it can take years before there is scientific evidence for the supposed beneficial effects from CBC (including anti-inflammatory, pain-lighting , mood-enhancing ).

CB C stands for C Annabichromene < Span Data contrast = "Auto" Data-MCE fragment = "1"> CBC is created by means of a number of intermediate steps. The most important are the conversion of CB G -A in CB C -A and converting CBC- < B Data-MCE-Fragment = "1"> A in CBC.

From CBG-A to CBC-A

Subsequently, CBC-A converted into CBC. This is done by means of Decarboxylation . Decarboxylation is the heating of a certain substance, so that it turns into another substance. decarboxylation always takes place Due to time, but the process can be accelerated through heating.

 Biosynthesis process of CBC oil
Seproct from CBC

cb C Oil In the body

CBC is a Cannabinoid just like CBD and THC. in the human body is a system that responds to this cannabinoids : it Endocannabinoid system .

Laboratory research now shows that CBC is not attached to B1 and B2 receptors. CBC is especially a Agonist for the enzyme trpa1 . CBC activates the enzyme TRPA1 and in this way starts a biochemical process.

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