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CBD oil 7.5% Raw Full Spectrum Flavor: Natural

CBD oil 7.5% Raw Full Spectrum Flavor: Natural

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7,5% CBD-olie Raw Full Spectrum
Taste: Natural

10 ml-750 mg CBD 
20-ml-1500 mg CBD

The features of this Deonlinegigant CBD oil Raw Full Spectrum 7.5% natural – 10 & 20 ml:

✔10 ml (approximately 230-250 drops). 20 ml approximately 475-500 drops.
✔Taste: natural.
✔750 mg CBD per 10 ml. 1500 mg CBD per 20 ml
✔Approximately 3 mg CBD per drop. Approximately 6 mg CBD per drop
✔Dosage: 2-4 drops 3 x per day.
✔Contains all important cannabinoids - including the legally permitted percentage of THC, so widely applicable.
✔100% Full Spectrum: for the very best effect – this CBD oil contains all the important substances from the hemp plant (including terpenes).
✔Contains so little THC (max. 0.05%) that it cannot get you high.
✔Suitable for adults and children.
✔Legal in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.
✔Only organically grown hemp with the highest CBD percentage is used.
✔The hemp plants from which this CBD oil is made are grown without pesticides, genetically modified organisms and artificial fertilizers.
✔Diluted with cold-pressed hemp seed oil (virgin).

What is a Full Spectrum (RAW) CBD oil?

CBD oil Full Spectrum is made through cold extraction. For that reason, CBD oil Full Spectrum is also called CBD oil RAW.

Due to the cold CO2 extraction, all active substances are retained: CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDA, terpenes, phenols, pigments, etc. This also means that Full Spectrum CBD oil contains a very small amount of THC.

However, the percentage of THC is so low (maximum 0.05%) that it is impossible to get high with normal use.

It is precisely the presence of a small amount of THC that allows you to fully benefit from the so-called “entourage effect”.

The entourage effect means that the active substances reinforce each other. As a result, they are much more powerful than when taken separately. This makes Deonlinegigant's Full Spectrum CBD oil widely applicable.

The difference between Full Spectrum and Pure CBD oil

*CBD oil Full Spectrum (raw) = CBD+ all valuable substances including THC (the legally permitted percentage).

*CBD oil Pure = CBD only.

Intake and dosage

Taking the CBD drops from this pipette bottle is very simple. Shake briefly before use. Let the drops fall under the tongue while looking in the mirror. Swallow the drops after about 1 minute with a few sips of water. You can also count the number of drops on a spoon.

There is no general dosage for CBD. The correct dosage is different for every person and animal. Build up the dosage gradually until the desired result is achieved. Listen carefully to your body while increasing the dosage. We use approximately 30 mg CBD per day (10 mg in the morning and 10 mg in the afternoon and 10 mg in the evening, 11/2 hours before going to sleep). It is best to take three doses every 8 hours per day. 

Give your body at least two to three weeks to get used to the CBD. Is the desired effect not being achieved? Then increase the dose further or choose to also use THC oil.

Would you like to try THC oil with it? We do not sell THC oil ourselves, but we can put you in touch with reliable producers of THC products.

Natural scientific knowledge and specialist techniques

The online giant is close to the cultivation of hemp products and maintains close contact with industrial processors, scientists, cannabis specialists, clinical researchers, lawyers and product developers.

You can assume that Deonlinegigant's CBD oil meets the highest quality requirements. The CBD is produced using the latest specialist techniques and according to the strictest hygiene and food safety requirements.

The above results in an extremely safe, reliable and effective CBD product that meets the legal requirements.

Organically grown CBD hemp plants

The CBD from Deonlinegigant. is made from organically and sustainably grown fiber hemp with the highest possible percentage of CBD. Sustainability is paramount at Deonlinegigant. They try to save energy in order to contribute to a better environment.

Of course, the hemp plants have not been genetically modified. Genetic modification is a technique that can change the properties of different types of organisms such as hemp plants. It is also called genetic engineering or genetic engineering.

The endocannabinoid system

CBD is the abbreviation of the difficult word 'cannabidiol'. CBD is one of the 130 cannabinoids in the hemp plant. The flowers of the hemp plant mainly contain cannabinoids, also called phytocannabinoids. Phyto is the Greek word for 'plant'.

The human body also produces cannabinoids, also called endocannabinoids. Endo is the Greek word for 'internal'. This process happens in the endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system is an important system in your body. The system influences various primary functions such as: appetite, mood, pain stimuli, sleep and the immune system.

If you suffer from physical discomfort, there is a good chance that there is an imbalance in the endocannabinoid system.

When you take CBD and/or THC (plant cannabinoids) you can rebalance the endocannabinoid system. This is why the use of cannabis oil has become so popular.

Quality control Deonlinegigant

Deonlinegigant wants to be as transparent as possible. The various steps during the production process are extensively tested and checked by a control panel for potency, taste, color and purity. This results in CBD oil of the highest quality.

Each batch is examined in an independent laboratory for the correct CBD and THC content, so that it complies with Dutch and Belgian legislation.

In order to comply with European legislation, research is also conducted into pesticides, heavy metals, growth hormones, and chemical (solvents) agents.

All quality reports from these tests and inspections are freely available from Dutch Hemp.

Is this CBD oil legal in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe?

Yes! CBD is not psychoactive.

What is psychoactive? Psychoactive substances have an effect on the psyche. These substances therefore influence the behavior or perception of the user. THC is a psychoactive substance. CBD is not.

If the THC content in the CBD oil is lower than 0.05%, the CBD oil is legal. 0.05% is the legally permitted percentage of THC that may be present in the CBD oil. This percentage is too low for a psychoactive effect. So it cannot get you high/stoned.

Storage tip

CBD oil is best stored in a cool and dark place. For example in the bathroom furniture or kitchen cabinet. Do not expose the pipette bottle to sunlight.


CBD Oil, CBD Flowers (CBD Cannabis) and all other CBD products from are a legal product and can therefore be sold and used (100% legal in the Netherlands and the EU).

this is because it does not contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the substance from Hemp that causes you to get high. Because our CBD Oil contains less than 0.05% THC, it complies with laws and regulations and is 100% legal in the Netherlands and the EU



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