CBD Hemp tea Mild Rose - Mild Hemp Fruitmelange
CBD Hemp tea Mild Rose - Mild Hemp Fruitmelange
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CBD Hemp tea Mild Rose - Mild Hemp Fruitmelange

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Mild Rose CBD Hemp tea

Mild hemp Fruitmelange

100% natural CBD hemp tea

Mild Fruit Melange without additives

also very suitable for children

with hemp, apple, rosebottel, vanilla and hibiscus

A mild and pleasant tasting CBD hemp fruit tea in which, in addition to leaves and flowers of hemp plants, pieces of apple, rose hint, hibiscus bloeses and vanilla are added. Because the hemp tea is very pleasant in taste, contains no aromas and free from THC, it is also a suitable choice for children.

with useful ingredients from high-quality hemp

In addition, the CBD-containing hemp plants are grown in a completely biological way in unpunished soil, so that no harmful substances are present in the plant. Due to the optimal climatic conditions, the plant does contain high concentrations of cannabinoids, terpenes and other useful vegetable components that promote the health of both the plant itself and humans.

CBD Tea with vitamin C-rich fruit melange

In addition to the healthy hemp, the CBD Fruitmelange also contains rose -baltel, a fruit that contains 10 times more vitamin C than an orange. Furthermore, it contains betaCarotene, minerals, flavonoids and catechin.

Store instructions Mild Rose fruit tea

We recommend storing the hemp tea on a dark, cool and moisture -free place so that the effectiveness is not lost.

Content CBD Tea

35 grams or 70 grams

Composition of the cannabidiol-containing fruit melange

The mild rose fruit tea is composed of three different types of hemp Allen the valuable cannabidiol contain. These hemp breeds are EU certified and may be legally grown due to the low extremely THC levels. In addition, hemp tea contains the following natural ingredients:
  • Apple
  • Rozenbottel
  • Hibiscus blossom
  • vanilla

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