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HHC oil 5% to 25% Meet HHC, the legal version of cannabis oil

HHC oil 5% to 25% Meet HHC, the legal version of cannabis oil

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Meet HHC oil, the legal version of cannabis oil 

HHC olie 5% t/m 25%

The high-quality HHC oil and HHC edibles are our most purchased product in our range.

Our HHC oil is highly concentrated and contains 500 mg to 2500 mg per bottle.
HHC or Hexahydrocannabinol is very similar to THC, but HHC oil is completely legal in many countries.
HHC is already very popular in America and Europe and we expect that HHC will also become very popular in the rest of the world.
Compared to THC, HHC has about 70% of the potency.
This makes it many times more powerful than any other product on the market, such as CBD or CBN.

In Europe and America HHC oil in HHC edibles, HHC Vapes in HHC prerolls Widely used by people with the following complaints, among others:

- Migraine
- Transition
– Muscle discharge
- Eating Disorder
- Chronic pain
– Sleep problems
– Various forms of anxiety
- Nausea and vomiting
– Inflammations
– And many more reasons


Unfortunately, it is not possible to recommend a fixed dose for everyone. The effect of HHC differs per person, as is often the case with cannabis. It is therefore best to find out for yourself which dosage is most suitable for you. We recommend starting with a very small amount and increasing the dosage from there.

Do this in small steps, so that you can determine exactly what the effects of the HHC oil are on your body and mind. A useful rule of thumb is this: first use the same dosage for a while, and only when this dosage starts to get boring is it time for the next step.

We recommend starting with 1 drop to first get used to the power of HHC.
After taking it, we do not recommend driving a car or operating (heavy) machinery.
Build up your intake slowly and listen to your body's response.
Everyone has a different tolerance to cannabinoids.
It may take up to 4 hours before you notice any effect.
We therefore strongly advise you not to drip in the meantime.

 Applications HHC

HHC Products come in different forms. There are HHC-gummies, in other words
HHC sweets. There are HHC flower buds. In addition, it is possible to use HHC as pre-rolled joint to smoke. And there is also the option to HHC arms. But as far as we are concerned - hence our offer - HHC oil is the most sensible choice.


HHC Products and CBD Oil, CBD Flowers (CBD weed) and all other CBD products from are a legal product and can therefore be sold and used (100% legal in the Netherlands and the EU).

All products are shipped from the Netherlands and comply with the European guidelines for the sale of HHC and CBD oil and CBD cannabis products

this is because it does not contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the substance from Hemp that causes you to get high. Because our CBD Oil and CBD weed contain less than 0.05% THC, it complies with Legislation and Regulations and is 100% legal in the Netherlands and the EU



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