Stainless steel tealey / tea filter Ecomondo
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Stainless steel tealey / tea filter Ecomondo

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High-quality Tea Seef or Tea Filter to put in loose tea and enjoy a delicious cup of loose tea. This tea -life is made of 100% stainless steel and therefore lasts a very long time. The tealeef is complete with a handy leaking dish, with which you can also dose the loose tea. The handles with which the sieve lingers in your cup are graceful and chic.

  • 7 cm high / diameter of 6.5 cm / width handles 11 cm
  • diameter Exciting 7.5 cm
  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Dishwasher resistant
  • Fits in almost all tea drivers

loose tea, less waste

Who doesn't like a nice cup of tea? We drink a lot in the Netherlands and often use tea bags for this instead of a tea fun or a tea egg. Although the bags of tea provide us with convenience and speed, they are of course less fine for the environment than loose tea. It seems to have only a small impact, but if you add all the bags together it saves a lot!

Especially if you really love tea and drink it a lot, a tea life in combination with loose tea leaves is an enrichment of your life! To get tea in bags, the leaves are often cut very finely. This detracts from the taste, because this makes a lot of taste and aroma lost in the production process. Many producers also add artificial aromas or dyes to tea and rarely good quality tea leaves are used.

and last but not least ; With loose tea you can vary infinitely! You can put together your own mix and adjust it per cup. You can also add freshly picked (or dried) flowers and herbs yourself. Are you looking for high -quality home -grown tea? Then try the loose tea from Wilder Land and Dutch Harvest!

Advantage of a tea-life/tea filter compared to a tea egg

This tea filter or the Seezeef from Finum is a very dense brass sieve. It means that you can not only use this filter for loose tea, but also for coarse ground coffee. Because the top is open, you can easily stir loose tea, flowers, leaves and herbs. The emptying is also super easy. You just tap the sieve for a moment in the compost bin or in the garden!

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