Vlirolow 50ml
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Vlirolow 50ml

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Astragalus supports mental and physical resilience

Nutritional supplement-plant-plant preparation

Kamagra.one introduces a certified herbalincture made with the best intentions.vlirolow contains parts of elder, meaty boothy, blueber, sea -Den, auxiliary fabrics (Atos).


Contains per daily dose of 2.5 ml = 45 drops:

The alcoholic vegetable extracts from:

Sambuccus nigra, Flores, FRUCH, GEMMAE: 1: 1 1.375 ml

Pinus Pinaster, Folium, Gemmae, Pollinis: 1: 8 0.125 ml

Astralagus Mem. Radix: 2: 1 0.500 ml

Vaccinium Myrtylus, Gemmae, Fructus 1: 0 0.500 ml

Extracting agent Active Ingredients Bio Ethanol.

Contains elderberry, fleshy boxkeeul, blueberry, sea-deds, auxiliary fabrics honey (atos),

contains 24% full. Alcohol.

Dosage and use

Unless otherwise advised Adults: 1x a day 45 drops for a meal take undiluted.

Adults: Extra support 3 x a day 45 drops spread throughout the day

Children & LT; 12 yr: 1 x 10 drops per day in a little water or tea.

A healthy lifestyle is important, as well as a varied, balanced food, this Means is not a replacement for this. Bottle dry and store at room temperature.

Nutritional supplements do not use as a substitute (replacement) for a varied diet. < /em>

keep out of reach of children.

Do not exceed the daily dose.

Always consult a doctor if in doubt about use. < /P>

Do not use during pregnancy and during lactation period. < /P>

* Health claim pending approval by the European Commission.

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