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CBD HQ olie 8% (Hydroxy Quinone) 10ml

CBD HQ olie 8% (Hydroxy Quinone) 10ml

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CBD HQ olie 8% (Hydroxy Quinone) 10ml 

The best support for tumor growth ever

CBD-HQ has a much higher bioavailability than CBD thanks to the quinone compound. According to studies, CBD-HQ is extremely effective even in very low concentrations as a support for chemotherapy against tumor growth. Thanks to this high bioavailability, CBD-HQ offers many more therapeutic options than CBD, which has an oral bioavailability of 10-12%. CBD-HQ is therefore extremely well absorbed by mouth.

Applications of CBDHQ oil

  •   best support for treatment against tumor growth
  •   super high bioavailability
  •   extremely strong CBD oil that helps with inflammation
  •   strong CBD oil with a powerful effect on the immune system

What is CBD HQ?

CBD HQ is the abbreviation of Cannabidiol Hydroxy Quinone. This is a very special and rare cannabinoid in the hemp plant with many potential therapeutic applications. It is the cannabinoid you get when 'regular' Cannabidiol (or CBD) - the main ingredient in our CBD Oil - oxidizes. In nature it takes ten to fifteen years for the substance to undergo this change. But the onlinegigant .nl unique oxidation process accelerates this natural process in an organic way; and is therefore the only one to make plant-based products CBD HQ oil available to consumers worldwide. 

How is CBD HQ made?

CBD HQ is the result of the natural oxidation of Cannabidiol (CBD); the main ingredient in regular CBD oil. When CBD is oxidized, the chemical composition of the substance changes, which logically also changes its interaction with the body. As a result, the effects of CBD HQ may also differ from those of normal CBD. 

We see this oxidation process more often in nature. It is the same thing that we see when an apple turns brown if you cut it open and leave it for a while. But where it only takes a few minutes for the so-called 'polyphenols' from apples to oxidize; it naturally takes years CBD converts to CBD HQ. About ten to fifteen years even! Hence the absurdly high price for a gram of the synthetic version of the stuff (HU-331, discovered by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam). That is about 1000x more expensive than gold because it also takes a very long time to make.

Fortunately, we discovered a way to produce organic CBD HQ relatively quickly; from real hemp plants with high quality Cannabidiol. That's why we offer a much cheaper and moreover effective herbal one CBD HQ Oil. The only plant-based version of Cannabidiol Hydroxy Quinone in the world, thanks to our unique and unrivaled technology. 

CBD HQ ingredients

The unique CBD HQ is therefore made with natural ingredients. That starts with a high-quality CBD extract that is processed into CBD Hydroxy quinone. This is in every bottle 800mg in 10ml of 1600mg in 20ml to be able to give. These two variations both come in a concentration of 8% extract mixed in pure coconut oil and a special one terpene blend. This terpenes contribute enormously to the so-called 'entourage effect'; by cannabinoids and other substances from cannabis in the body's own endocannabinoid system (ECS). 

Possible benefits CBD HQ

Just like CBD oil, there are many people who say they benefit from CBD HQ. However, the drug would have a stronger effect in the body and therefore probably offers more interesting health benefits than normal Cannabidiol. CBD HQ is generally not used as a preventive nutritional supplement or against mild complaints. It is usually too expensive for that; and there are cheaper alternatives that are also suitable for this. After all, the stuff is slightly more expensive than regular CBD due to the complexity of the product. But in certain cases where other remedies no longer provide relief, it is more than worth the price, we hear from customers.

CBD HQ and cancer

Before we discuss various studies into the health benefits of CBD HQ, we would like to make it clear: we strongly advise against using CBD HQ instead of or simultaneously with traditional (anti-cancer) treatments. Always consult your doctor if you have (serious and persistent) complaints.

Quinone compounds, such as CBD HQ, are strong antioxidants; is evident from various studies. There also exists an investigation which suggests that CBD HQ could have a positive effect on inhibiting the growth of cancer cell lines even in low concentrations. Another possible benefit of CBD HQ is according to this other research, that the herbal remedy is non-toxic and appears to be more effective than Doxorubicin. A traditional chemotherapy against cancer, which has serious side effects and can cause permanent damage to the heart. 

Some websites even write: 'CBD HQ appears to be an effective and safe tumor inhibitor', on the basis of this investigation. Of course, we don't make strong claims like that, because there is still a major lack of studies with real people. After all, many of these studies are based on results from petri dishes or with mice. 

Buy and order CBD HQ online

CBD HQ is a fairly rare product due to its complexity. But thanks to our unique technology, you can easily order CBD HQ oil online at To buy CBD HQ, visit our CBD webshop and add the product to your shopping cart. At the checkout you can pay with your favorite payment method for an easy ordering process.

Try CBD HQ yourself now or contact us for more information.


The CBDHQ is particularly suitable as a support in the treatment against tumor growth. Take 1 spray under the tongue 3 times a day and hold it for 2 minutes before swallowing.

  • Contents: 10ml = 60 spray dosage
  • Maximum: 3x 1 spray dosage per day

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Terpenes, sweet and rich

 quite strong hemp flavour'.



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