Bubblegum CBD Flower 5% CBD / 0.2% THC
Bubblegum CBD Flower 5% CBD / 0.2% THC
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Bubblegum CBD Flower 5% CBD / 0.2% THC

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Bubble Gum CBD + CBDA & LT; 25%/ 0.2% THC

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bubblegum ", is a balanced balanced hybrid (50/50) that was created by the crossing of the infamous Indiana Bubblegum and an unknown hybrid.

As the name suggests, bubble gum Wiet A delicious taste of which it Water in the mouth and that looks a lot like a sweet, fruity piece of classic chewing gum! The aroma is almost the same, although it is supplemented with notes of herbs and flowers.

The balanced nature of Bubble Gum results in a well-balanced high, existing From a cerebral sensation that is reinforced by a relaxing and soft physical " stoning ". The Indica elements of this type of arousing a possible " Couch -Lock ”On and work wonderfully calming and relaxed.

5% CBD/0.2% THC

flavors: sweet, chewing gum, tropical, fruit, flowers

Effects: cheerful, cheerful, euphoric, happy, relaxing

Medicinal: stress, pain, depression

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