CBD hemp tea anti-stress-relaxing and soothing CBD tea
CBD hemp tea anti-stress-relaxing and soothing CBD tea
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CBD hemp tea anti-stress-relaxing and soothing CBD tea

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Anti-stress CBD hemp tea-

Relaxing and soothing CBD tea

CBD-containing hemp tea
Refraining and relaxing
Promotes a healthy sleep
with hemp, lemon balm, chamomile, lavender and rosebottel

Stress situations are very unfavorable for good health. No less than 90% of all everyday problems are caused by stress situations. The lemon balm in CBD hemp tea anti-stress contributes to relaxation and a normal sleep*, while the mix of Sint Janskruid and lavender help you relax*.

*claims on hold

Carefully compiled hempmelange

By a carefully composite blend of natural hemp, chamomile, lemon balm, lavender and rosebottel you experience in addition to the relaxing and soothing effect, a surprising taste experience that never bores.

used hemp types for the CBD tea

The hemp that is incorporated into the anti-stress tea comes from the CBD-containing hemp breeds USO 31, Finola and Futura 75, three species that are certified according to European standards, which means that a stoned or high feeling is absolutely excluded. The USO 31 and Finola hemp plants are from Germany.

The Futura 75 hemp plants are grown under favorable environmental factors in the Alpujarra Mountains in southern Spain where a full ecological cultivation is maintained. The plants grow in a pure mountain air, on non -contaminated soil and are watered with the melt water that comes from the Sierra Nevada mountains. All this result in a pure, clean and high -quality end product.

Net weight of the CBD tea

  • 20 grams or 40 grams per suit

Compiled ingredients Anti-stress tea

In addition to the three species mentioned above, the CBD-containing anti-stress hemp tea also consists of the relaxing ingredients below:

  • Citroenmelisse
  • Chamomile
  • Lavender
  • Rozenbottelchille

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