CBD 30% / CBG 7% diluted with extra virgin olive oil
CBD 30% / CBG 7% diluted with extra virgin olive oil
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CBD 30% / CBG 7% diluted with extra virgin olive oil

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30% CBD oil drops +7% CBG oil-Rich in cannabigerol (CBG) 7% and cannabidiol (CBD) 30%

cbg oil in liquid drop shape with a high percentage of cbg of 7% with a further 30% CBD. The exclusive oil is supplied in a glass pipette bottle with a brown color, so that the effective ingredients are protected against light and can therefore be preserved as much as possible.

Unique cannabigerol oil without psychoactive effect

Just like CBD, CBG also has no psychoactive effect so that you can dose with confidence without a mind-expanding effect. Due to the lack of high percentages of THC, these cannabigerol oil drops are also very suitable for children and pets. Due to the present pipette in the screw cap you can easily drop the drops of cannabinoids oil under the tongue or process it into food.

Our unique CBG oil has been extensively tested and analyzed for present cannabinoids and microbiological contamination and contains no toxins, parabens or harmful additives. This allows us to offer a clean, pure and safe product.

General information CBG oil drops

  • Content: 10 ml
  • CBG content: 7%
  • CBD content: 30%
  • 100% of course
  • from organically grown hemp (EU certified)
  • used hemp species: Futura 75, KC Dora and Santhica
  • obtained through super-critical CO2 extraction
  • diluted with extra virgin olive oil
  • Safe to be used-without psychoactive effect
  • Also suitable for children and animals

Information on the label

  • content CBG 7%, CBD 30%
  • bottle of 10 ml contains 800 mg CBG, 700 mg CBD
  • contains 200 drops
  • Contains extra virgin olive oil
  • Maximum recommended daily dose of 3 times 10 drops do not exceed
  • not use in pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Store at room temperature, in a dark place, out of reach of children
  • Nutrition supplement
  • Nutritional supplements are not a replacement for a varied diet

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