SALT Switch disposable e-cigarette 10 flavors
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SALT Switch disposable e-cigarette 10 flavors

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Salt switch-600 puff-disposable e-cigaret

10 flavors

The SALT switch device is disposable and ready for use: it is loaded with 2 ml of liquid with 20 mg / ml nicotine , With an integrated 350 mAh battery that makes the use of approximately 600 traits (shots) possible*. There is a child -safe button at the base to protect the device and prevent unintended use.

Once the load of liquid and energy is exhausted, the device must be replaced.

Product characteristics:

  • Dimensions (mm): 10.3 x 18 x 106
  • Battery capacity: 350mAh (non-chargeable)
  • quantity of liquid: 2ml (non-navulable)
  • nicotine: 20mg/ml of salt
  • Shooting type: MTL (Wang)
  • Number of traits (shots): 600

* test performed by the manufacturer

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