HHC oil information

Hexahydrocannabinol: a revolutionary cannabinoid

When HHC was discovered, the dust remained a bit in the background. They didn't know what HHC had to offer. That has since changed. HHC oil is used incredibly often today as "the legal replacement of THC oil".

HHC oil

Because cannabis has become so popular, enthusiasts are now also looking beyond CBD or THC. And luckily. One of the most important lesser -known cannabinoids is to us HHC. This substance was only discovered in the 40s, by the rise of modern technologies.

Unfortunately there are also a lot of misunderstandings about HHC. That is why we check what is known about this form of weed oil. We base ourselves on the latest insights.

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It is also possible that you still have questions. HHC is relatively unknown, and we understand it completely if you really want to know everything about the dust at first. Do not hesitate to send us a message, we are happy to help you with all your questions.

If you no longer have any questions, we wish you this very benefit from your first use of HHC.

 HHC-Hexahydrocannabinol Wat is hexahydrocannabinol (HHC)?

HHC is the abbreviation for Hexahydrocannabinol. It is often written about HHC that the substance could be found in hemp seeds and hemp stubborn flour. That is true, but those are such small numbers that the dust can hardly be traced. HHC has therefore become popular in a very different way: by producing the dust in a laboratory. This is done on the basis of natural cannabinoids, or with a cannabis extract. In any case, these components are used to increase HHC production. And that means that HHC oil can ultimately be made.

That is also the reason that HHC is sometimes called a semi-synthetic cannabinoid. The HHC that is popularly known is almost always that artificial form. The first time HHC was made by man was in America in 1944. A man named Roger Adams then experimented by adding hydrogen molecules to a form of THC: Delta-9-Thc. This is called hydrogenation.

Despite the invention of Adams, almost nothing happened to it. It took decades before HHC came back to the attention. That was not in the first instance because they would appreciate the effect of HHC. It was primarily an alternative to

people who actually wanted THC. In the meantime, HHC has also proven itself as an independent substance, and that is why HHC oil has now become so popular.

What is HHC oil good for?

about the functioning of HHC, and therefore also of HHC oil, is not yet known. It is therefore important to at least take all the information about this with a pinch of salt. However, some clear suspicions can be shared.

As mentioned, HHC was originally used as an alternative to THC, and the benefits of HHC still seem to be somewhat matching those of THC. Just like THC, HHC would influence the cannabinoid receptors in the human body. This allows the user to experience different effects, such as euphoria and a different perception of reality. But also a laugh kick, or fatigue. In addition, relaxation, reduction of hunger, combating migraine and combating other pains is sometimes mentioned.

Again it must be considered that this is only based on experience reports. It is important to try HHC itself before you draw too big conclusions about its success. In addition, reassurance applies: HHC does not have as large psychoactive effects as THC. The psychoactive effect - the "high" that is often discussed - is called strong in THC, and at HHC mild.

Applications HHC

HHC comes in various forms. There are HHC gummies, or sweets. There are HHC florets. In addition, it is possible to smoke HHC as a pre -turned joint. And there is also the option to vapen HHC. But as far as we are concerned - hence our offer - HHC oil is the most sensible choice.


Unfortunately, it is not possible to recommend a fixed dose for everyone. The effect of HHC differs per person, as is often the case with cannabis. It is therefore most convenient to find out for yourself which dosage is most suitable for you. We recommend starting with a little bit, and from there to further build up the dosage.

Do this really in small steps, so that you can very precisely check what the effects of the HHC oil are on your body and mind. A handy rule of thumb is this: first use the same dosage for a while, and only when this dosage starts to bore, is it time for the next step.