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CBG oil

CBG oil has become very popular in recent years. It is a form of weed oil and its use is becoming more and more mainstream. Also from the medical world, promising sounds sound about the powerful medicinal effects and applications of CBG.

What is CBG oil?

Cannabis is full of substances called cannabinoids. Well -known examples of this are CBD and THC. CBD is the abbreviation for "cannabidiol", this substance is not psychoactive. This means that it is not possible to be from CBD High of Stoned. The opposite is the case with THC - you will experience those consequences. But in addition to these two most famous cannabinoids, there is also CBG. This fabric has now finally found a separate place on the market. The name of this substance "Cannabigerol" is written in full. And just like CBD oil and THC oil, CBG oil also has many beneficial effects.

For the first time there is now an oil on the market that is largely based on CBG. This oil is made by Dutch Hemp, a famous player in the world of hemp. Dutch HEMP sees it as its goal to offer CBG in such a way that the user experiences exactly what was originally intended. In other words: remain faithful to the hemp plant, in this way a product is created that has many benefits for humans. It is also good to mention that the CBG of Dutch HEMP meets the required qualifications. The substance is only used when it comes from EU certified plants.

Difference between CBD and CBG?

The first difference between CBD and CBG is that CBG oil is made from young hemp plants while CBD oil is made from adult hemp plants. Young hemp plants contain more MEB. If a plant grows further, the CBG present is converted into other cannabinoids such as CBD. That is why CBG is often considered the stem cell of all cannabinoids.

Furthermore, CBG oil and CBD oil work differently in the body. CBG adheres very well to the CB1 and CB2 receptors and in this way influences the endocannabinoid system (ECS). In turn, the ECS has an effect on other body systems such as the nervous system, the brain, the immune system, etc. CBD also attaches itself to both CB1 and CB2 receptors, but this happens in a different way than with CBG. P>

In the meantime, quite a lot of research has been done into the effects of CBD, but that is not the case for CBG. The scientific research into CBG is still in its infancy. However, these early CBG studies are promising. CBG seems to have an effect that would be a great addition to CBD.

What is CBG oil good for?

based on user experiences and a number of scientific studies, there are indications that CBG can help in various ways. CBG has a number of effects in common with CBD. Other effects are unique for CBG or resemble those of other cannabinoids.

It would be too far to name all possible ways in which CBG oil could help. That is why we limit ourselves here to the five most important potential effects of CBG oil:

  • Improve concentration
  • against stress
  • anti-inflammatory
  • Paarlagende
  • Reduces anxiety and depression

We briefly explain these effects below.

Improve concentration

According to users, CBG helps with alertness and concentration. Possibly this is related to the neuroprotectical effect of CBG. Neuroprotection means protection of brain cells. Another possibility is that CBG probably helps to renew brain cells.

against stress

There are indications that CBG could help against stress. This is related to the neurotransmitter Gaba. Enough of this neurotransmitter reduces the risk of stress. Now it appears that CBG is slowing down the demolition of GABA. In this way, CBG helps to prevent stress. Incidentally, CBD also has this effect, but it seems that the effect at CBG is much stronger.


This is another effect that CBG has in common with CBD. Both substances have an anti -inflammatory effect. In the case of CBG, scientists with animal testing discovered that CBG limits the effect of significant inflammatory markers such as IL-1, IL-10, Inos and Interferon-Y. In this onderzoek wordt geconcludeerd dat de operation of cannabinoids on inflammation, comparable to regular medicines.

reduces anxiety and depression

THC can reduce depressive feelings and anxiety. CBG has similar effects, but without the psychoactive effect of THC. A report < Span Data-MCE fragment = "1"> from 2016 suggests that non-psychoactive cannabinoids such as CBG can be an alternative to the treatment of depression and fears.


The analgesic effect of CBG and other cannabinoids is already known. The following wetenschappelijke informatie that it can alleviate the pain due to various disorders.

As said, we base ourselves on experiences and scientific research. It seems so neat to point to the following:

User experiences are by definition anecdotal. One hears the positive stories, but if something has no effect, it usually does not scream from the rooftops. They shrug the shoulders and try something else.

Scientists are only relatively short of investigations of CBG. That is why only the results of laboratory tests and research with laboratory animals have been known. However, if something works in a petri dish or with laboratory animals, that does not mean that this also works on people. This also requires research with test subjects. However, people are not that far yet.

You don't have to prevent this from trying to try MEB oil. So far we know, CBG oil has no negative side effects. That is why it applies here: it does not benefit, then it will not harm.

Recommended dosage CBG oil

The recommended daily dosage of CBG is 20 to 30 mg CBG per day. We have calculated for you how much MG CBG contains 1 drop of the MEB oil. .

number of mg cbg per drop: Approximately 2 mg CBG per drop (so take at least 2 x 5 drops per day).

number of mg cbg per drop: Also approximately 2 mg CBG per drop (so take at least 2 x 5 drops per day).

Safe to use

The same applies to CBG as for CBD: the dust is not psychoactive. This means that you cannot be high or stoned from CBG. And an overdose is also excluded. So you can simply use the Dutch HEMP oil without having to worry about any adverse consequences. There are no risks - and many positive consequences. The big advantage of this is that the substance is not only suitable for adult people, but can also be relevant for children and animals.

CBG as a stem cell of the cannabis plant

Let's go a little deeper into the substance CBG, and especially the comparison with CBD and THC. CBG is also called the stem cell of cannabis, and there are reasons for that. The most important thing is that in the process of growing a cannabis plant, CBG is a kind of pre -stage of CBD and THC. When a hemp plant is harvested early in this process, the plant therefore contains more CBG than when this happens later in the process. It is precisely the fact that CBG seems to form the core of the cannabis plant that makes this substance so interesting. And not only experts are of this opinion. The experiences of people who have tried the aforementioned MEB oil shows the same: CBG has a positive effect.

Multiple cannabis fabrics in one product

The MEB oil that Dutch Hemp has put on the market does not only contain CBG. Other ingredients are also used to strengthen the quality of the product. These ingredients largely also come from the cannabis plant, again with the idea of ​​transferring the power of the plant itself to the user. These other substances include CBD.

The entourage effect

Researchers who have thoroughly studied cannabis have become convinced that not the separate substances do not bring the desired effect in people, but rather the combination of fabrics. By this we mean the combination of fabrics that is naturally already present in the cannabis plant. The collaboration that is meant by this is known as the entourage effect. Dutch HEMP says that their products contain dozens of parts that all contribute to the ultimate effect on the body and mind of the user.

CBG oil

All the above makes the CBG oil from Dutch Hemp so interesting. If your curiosity is also aroused, you can order the MEB oil in our webshop. Finally, some tips for the actual administration of the MEB oil:

User manual CBG oil

1. It is important to shake the oil briefly, in advance of use.

2. Place the desired number of CBG drops under your tongue.

3. If the CBG drops have been under your tongue for about a minute, you can swallow them.

4. Store the oil at room temperature after use.

The use of CBG oil is equivalent to the use of CBD oil. See the